These Pests in Boise Can Leave Behind Permanent Stains!

In an urban city like Boise, pests are a given presence. It’s accepted because that’s just how these creatures have evolved. Most such pests prefer moisture, small hiding spots, and ample food. All these factors are common in traditional house construction or downtown office buildings. 

Pests stand to harm humans adversely – that’s the key idea that classifies a creature as a pest in the first place! But some pests pose more than just a nuisance—they can leave behind permanent stains that are hard to remove. What this means is – any attempt to crush this pest will just leave behind a nasty and horrid reminder that a pest was here. Box elder bugs and centipedes, common pests in Boise, have a habit of staining surfaces when crushed, leaving unsightly marks that can be difficult to get rid of.

Naturally, this is not a preferable situation to be in. A pest already looks ugly, and them leaving behind a squished stain just sends shivers down the spine. Fear not! Pest control experts have prepared a quick guide to help you understand this risk, and also what you should do to avoid this unfortunate incident: 

Introducing, The Staining Pests – Box Elder Bugs and Centipedes

Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs are small insects with distinctive red markings on their black bodies. While they primarily feed on the seeds of box elder trees, they often find their way into homes seeking shelter, especially during the cooler months. When crushed or squashed, box elder bugs release a reddish-orange fluid that can stain surfaces like walls, floors, and fabrics. These stains are not only disgusting but can also be challenging to remove, requiring extensive cleaning and potentially causing permanent damage to affected areas.


Centipedes are nocturnal arthropods with elongated bodies and numerous legs. These creatures do play a role in controlling other insect populations. However, this does not stop them from being problematic when they invade homes in search of food and shelter. When disturbed, centipedes may release a yellowish secretion that can stain surfaces upon contact. These stains can be particularly stubborn and may require professional cleaning or restoration to fully eliminate. Additionally, the presence of centipede stains can attract other insects, leading to further pest infestations in the home.

The idea of a professional in-charge of pest management is simple – this is an expert with all the knowledge and skills required to deal with potential pest infestations. Such experts have gained the necessary skill-set to deal with tricky creatures like Box Elder Bugs and Centipedes. As such, their assistance ensures a stain-free extermination of these pests.  

An additional focus exists on strategy. Since these professionals track and understand exactly how an infestation began, they know the best way to deal with it as well! This saves both time and money in dealing with a pest problem. 

Training, research, and knowledge; These 3 strengths enable a pest-management professional to deal with creatures like Box Elder Bugs and Centipedes with ruthless efficiency. If you spot these creatures in your home – call up an expert quickly and enjoy a home free of stains!

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